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Single Origin Coffee

Our Philosophy: Beans that grow together should roast together.


Remember back in grade school when we all learned about a thin band that wrapped around the earth called the equator? And how the altitude on mountain tops creates unique microclimates for various forms of vegetation? Well, we forgot most of that stuff. We were probably busy doodling Ninja Turtles and flying DeLoreans in our Trapper Keepers. But, in order to serve the best coffee our planet has to offer, we forced ourselves to spend months studying these very important intricacies in detail.

What we learned - the best coffee beans are grown in the most remote places. And, in order to serve our very own unique specialty coffees we needed to identify where we wanted our beans to come from. Every sip of our coffee should tell a story, and tracking the gridlines from remote family farm to local roastery is a vital piece to understanding and being able to tell that story.

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The Roast

There is only one way to roast coffee. It requires someone very skilled and dedicated to stand by the roaster all day and observe. A specially experienced person that knows exactly how to bring the best out of every bean. Someone with a trained eye, an acute sense of smell, and an experienced touch to know the exact moment the beans are ready to pull. Properly roasting coffee beans is a rare artform that few understand. All of the coffee’s flavor potentials are presented during this process.

That’s why it was important for us to join forces with an experienced and skilled roastery that we could work hand in hand with to bring our coffee to life. All of our coffee is roasted under one roof locally in NC. Our roaster has been in the process of perfecting coffee for more than 20 years. Our desire to serve the greatest cup of coffee ever tasted and their attention to the details required to make that happen bring out the best in every cup that we serve.

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The Service

Coffee is the most complex beverage that humans consume. Every cup is the culmination of years of work, three-thousand mile journeys, and calibrated temperatures. And while brewing the perfect cup of Coffee is an incredibly complicated process...that doesn’t mean that it has to be complicated to order. Coffee should be Easy to Order...Easy to Drink...and Easy to Love.


Freshly Brewed Coffee

Morning Mojo - Medium Roast

Blackout - Dark Roast

Unleaded - Decaf Roast


Skillfully Crafted Lattes

Our espresso offering is simple = Just lattes....albeit, insanely delicious lattes. No more wondering what the difference between a macchiato, latte and a cappuccino is.

We make specialty drinks the most delicious way possible with the perfect amount of espresso, steamed milk and then we take it up a notch and pair it with crazy flavor combinations.

Whether it’s Bourbon and Caramel...or Honey and Brown Sugar Butter. Our Signature Lattes are some of the most profound flavors ever combined with coffee.  


Smooth [Nitro] Cold Brew

We steep our Morning Mojo Coffee in filtered water for over 24 hours...keg it...and, then connect it to nitro for the smoothest coffee drink you’ve ever tasted.