Do you have a Physical location?

We currently do not have a public restaurant space. Maybe one day. Until then, we're working out of a private commercial kitchen and delivering waffles right to your door. 

When I order waffles, how do I pay? 

We typically collect payment upon delivery. We accept cash, debit/credit card, and yes even the occasional check. 

Can I prepay for my waffles?

Yes, if you need to pre-pay...or if you're sending waffles as a gift - we can take payment over the phone. 

Do you deliver outside of GREENVILLE, NC?

We typically limit deliveries to Greenville & Winterville, NC only...but we're not opposed to making an exception with advance notice. 

Why do your waffles taste so different?

Most waffles in America are made using a buttermilk batter. This causes them to get soggy and lose flavor over time. Our waffles are made using a traditional liege dough recipe straight from Belgian. We combine locally sourced ingredients and imported delicacies that are designed to make our waffles unlike anything you've ever tasted.

Is it normal for the waffles to feel hard on the outside when they arrive? 

Yes, the outside of our waffles caramelize when cooked. This is how they are traditionally served in Belgium. It is normal for them to have a hard outer shell and a soft, airy center.

How long does it typically take for my order to be delivered?

It depends on the time of day that you want your order. Our early morning deliveries get booked up pretty fast, so if you want waffles first thing in the a.m. - we recommend ordering at least 24 hours in advance. 

Can I send waffles as a gift?

Yes, many of our customers send waffles as gifts. We are happy to include a note in the box when they're delivered, if needed. 

Can I open a Smash Waffles in my city?

Yes, we would love to help you bring great waffles to your area. We are currently taking franchise inquiries here.