Like Our Waffles?

Seriously the best waffle I’ve ever tasted 🙌🏼
— Ashlee W.
These waffles are game changers. Smashed is the only way to Waffle!
— Bob L.
Glory to the Waffle gods! Smashed Waffles taste like they came straight from heaven.
— Madison S.
Delicious! I could eat these all day! They melt in your mouth!
— Sarah D.
I thought I knew the greatest pleasures on earth....lounging around the house naked on a Saturday afternoon, having an entire pizza to yourself, getting an extra nugget in your 8 count. Then I put these waffles in my mouth hole. This is the single greatest pleasure you can experience. I encourage each of you to #GetSmashed, and if you’re feeling generous, help everyone experience the pleasure of Smashed Waffles for the first time.
— Mark G.
The office loved these Homemade Waffles and we will for sure be ordering them again. #amazin
— Corey T.
If I keep eating these, I’m going to turn into a QUILTED PIG. Literally SO GOOD.
— Anne C.
These waffles are the full shizzle!
— Gene W.
Best Waffles Ever!!! So yummy!
— Marti B.
These waffles are slap yo’ momma good!
— Lee H.
Insanely good! The waffle game has officially been smashed.
— Brad C.
You have to experience Smashed Waffles to know what the rage is all about!! Love everything about them...they are addictive!
— Debbie S.
I had some HOT Smashed Waffles from their food truck. By far the best waffles I’ve ever tasted. You have to try them or you’re missing out on greatness.
— Christian P.
These Waffles are Gucci!
— Reed C.


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